• Nimmer

    By Lieven Vanhove

    Award of Merit, Speechless Shorts (Professional)

  • The fragile world of a couple is torn apart by the turbulent sea. Orville is stuck in the house on a cliff while Imme struggles to survive on a rock in the lighthouse. Orville’s time is running out…

Director Statement

Nimmer is my debut, in which a man is looking for the ultimate solution to save his wife from a falling cliff.
The technical specifics of this project are especially challenging, mainly because I wanted to create a poetic atmosphere throughout a blend of live action, 3D-animation, and a lot of post-production. This all results in a highly symbolic story that provokes sadness as well as hope.

“This is a beautifully rendered and visually stunning story of love and loss. Excellent!” ~Lars Johnson (judge)