• Creator

    By David Tabor

  • “I feel so driven to create… create something physical, tangible”, Zac Dylan Carter, Internet sensation, muses in the opening moments of creator. His sudden disappearance has thrown his online fan community into a frenzy. One of his young fans, Reagan, is particularly affected. When she hears the news of the disappearance she is sent into a melancholy. She begins retreating further and further into herself, but her memories are not the refuge she’s looking for and as the internet and police begin examining Zac Dylan Carter an unfortunate truth comes to light.

“This film effectively shows the tenuous line between hyperreality and reality and how suffocating it is when our constructed virtual image crosses that line into our life. Our play on social media quickly becomes our living nightmare.” ~Amanda Hauman

Director Statement

I have grown up in the world of cyber-culture. Much of my adolescence was spent scouring the internet for a place of belonging. I was never one to enjoy putting myself on display to attract the praise and criticism that have become ingrained in the social creative culture of the internet. So I watched, mostly as an outsider, the immediate and intimidating success of my peers. I was fascinated by the whole thing. At times it was easy to see a bizarre science fiction playing out. I took the path away from “new media” and went towards traditional film-making. So I began working on film sets, studying film and writing, and developing my own stop motion shorts and music videos to put the whole process together. After five years I had finally built up some of the minimal requirements to make a short film so I began searching for my story. I came across an article one day about a young web celebrity who had been caught in the middle of an unflattering scandal. It wasn’t something new, but this time I was suddenly hit with the story I was interested in telling. I saw an interesting way to communicate a simple story of success, pride, and creation. I wanted to make something personal, yet alien. A domestic drama viewed through a distant lens. ‘creator’ is the result.