• Brainbloodvolume

    By John Carter

  • Based on the bizarre actual life events of Dutch librarian and medical student, Hugo Bart Huges, Brainbloodvolume is a stylistic interpretation of the essential moments at which Huges chose to follow through with an operation he theorized would lead to a permanent state of higher consciousness – through the ancient mind-altering procedure of trepanation. Shot without dialogue in high-contrast black and white, the film approximates the style of the original 1965 photographs taken of Bart Huges during and after his operation, while utilizing a surreal tone and imagery throughout the story.

“Intriguing from the first shot and disturbingly fascinating. I cannot get it out of my head.” ~J. Angie Johnson

“Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, visceral, and tense. Abstract and nonliteral, this film explores the plunge into obsession and self-mutilation without the didacticism and stale tropes which plague the mad scientist narrative.” ~Nicholas Hauman

“What a wonderfully creepy and terrifying film. The stylized look and camera work are amazing! This blew me away.” ~Lars Johnson