• 24 Hour Comic

    By Milan Erceg

  • 8 Artists confined to a comic book store, partake in Scott McCloud’s 24 Hour Comic Challenge. Each attempting to write, draw, and complete a 24 page comic, in 24 hours.

“A quirky, captivating documentary about a Portland based 24-hour comic book creation festival—yes, a comic book festival, of course in Portland. Engaging and illuminating, it taught me things about the comic book ‘business’ that I didn’t know I wanted to know. Appropriately so, director Milan Erceg cast his own characters of villains, heroes/heroines, and everyday men and women from the comic book artists themselves. Most entertaining is the David/Jacob banter and competition. Most disturbing is the acknowledgement of the (still) lack of women in the field professionally. Many of the lessons of the ‘art’ apply across other art mediums (such as film and theatre). Worth the watch.” ~Jill Fischer