By Ian Frank


At the core of one man’s greatest conflict lays a conviction to teach his son the ways of his culture.

A bad energy is being cultivated at the headwaters of the Amazon.

The lungs of the world: burned, drilled, and destroyed by an outside force that is beyond the capacity of these peoples ability to adapt to.

The culture of my father is being lost, the jungle is sick, the native people are sick, my father could die from the sickness he has.

Director’s Statement

I believe in story-changing. I believe that the polemics of politicians will accomplish nothing, but storytelling can change the world. We can not understand the problems afflicting the people around the world until, for a dozen minutes, we step into their shoes.

“My work uses a visual language that combines the narrative depth of documentary storytelling and the aesthetic sensibilities of visual art.”

-Leila Alaoui