By Clemens Beier


Margret and Helmut, are a quirky and endearing, elderly couple. Surrounded by the cheap housing projects in a small town in Germany, Margret dreams of finally traveling the world. But her husband’s dementia makes this virtually impossible. All life seems to have escaped his passive gaze.

During the battle for a shared future, Margret is afraid of losing their past. Trying to hold onto the fleeting memories of her husband, she searches for him in all the wrong places. As the line between reality and illusion disappears entirely, Margret realizes that it is time to make a decision.

A love story from the life of an old woman.

“This might be a perfect movie—everything serves the story…the visuals, the dialogue, the music, it is all of a piece. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Bravo.” ~Lars Johnson (judge)