By Alexia Roider


A man lives alone with a turtle. He draws no attention to himself. However, he has a secret passion. He takes home forgotten, unclaimed and lost luggage from the airport where he works. In the safety of his own world, he methodically examines the contents of each luggage and all the little details that become clues of another life and a person unknown to him. This ritual has become his life’s purpose and his sole connection to the outside world. Until one day, a suitcase comes along and changes everything…

“This film fits very well within the festival theme. It is almost entirely speechless. On top of this it is subtle and fascinating to watch. As an audience member you invasively watch the protagonist as he invasively explores luggage which he has temporarily stolen from the airport. It is beautifully shot, intriguing, and full of quirky tension.” ~Nicholas Hauman (judge)

“This truly speechless film delightful to watch. Audience and character are caught in voyeuristic play until the end with its resounding message: Go live your own life. The actor is fantastic and his transformations are played with such genuine discovery that you can’t help but be drawn into his journey. It is also filmed well with nice images and concise shots.” ~Amanda Hauman (judge)