• The mission of the Speechless Film Festival is to celebrate the art of visual storytelling.

    The festival is named for our signature category—Speechless Shorts—though we also receive and show films in a broader range of categories. In addition to film showcases, Speechless hosts a number of guest speakers, special screenings, and events with food and music.  Read more about Speechless.

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    We are a small but ambitious team of film lovers serving a passionate film community in southern Minnesota. Our signature categories honor speechless films, but we show a range of work. Read more about our unique mission.

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    Buy your VIP or basic pass or take a look at our schedule complete with showcase and workshop information.

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    We screen a variety of short films and animations made here in Minnesota and from all over the world. Browse our films and showcases for the 2019 festival event.

  • “For any filmmakers out there…this is a great festival! Get into it! And the trophy if you get the gong is amazing!”

    – Michael Cusack, Australia

  • “Thank you for putting on a great festival! It was a great success, and I am very glad I came. I couldn’t have felt more welcomed.”

    – Aleksi Moriarty, Canada

  • “The visual emphasis distinguishes this festival and will surely make it a destination fest worldwide.”

    – Ryan Sturgis, USA

  • “Everyone was so helpful, friendly, and eager to talk about their films. It was so amazing to get to know so many people who are on fire for film and cinema.”

    – Jesseca Simmons, USA